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Internet Freedom: Internet Technology
Internet Freedom

By: David Rader II on July 03, 2008 @ 9:41 PM

Do you know who protects your freedom and rights on the internet? A lot of people! People like you and me! Fortunately, some of these people are able to dedicate a lot of time to the matter.

Some of them make up the EFF who help try to stop people from getting your private information, such as videos you may view on the internet.

There are also other people with aims to keep the internet a free place to roam you and I by doing our part to "save the internet" as the effort is rightfully called. After all, the Internet has been a key player in bringing on "the information age" that we're currently living in, so without the information, the internet is just another way to gossip. Just as China is trying to control their internet by not allowing people to go to certain websites, it just may happen here too.

Imagine a library where ONLY books VERIZON and COMCAST said you could read are in there? I'm not saying they're bad companies, but they're clearly not seeing the implications of limiting information access on the internet. Don't worry, some people already have legal access to know which books your reading which may be especially interesting since that same institution has been thought to be corrupt by only crazy people (feel the sarcasm please). I suppose giving institutions access to all of our information is completely sane, since government corruption is actually impossible anyways and should never be considered when making such laws. That's another subject altogether too.

In the mean time, thoroughly check out the links in the first paragraphs to ensure your freedoms. I'm not like Bush talking about "protecting our freedom" with few words while taking it away with so many words that most don't have time to read at the same time.

With all of the evidence against Bush, where's the damned investigation on him? Well if I follow the standard set by the 9/11 commission report, important evidence is of little practical significance.

I'll stop with this, the incredibly un-American approach to try to silence people who have different opinions from the mainstream. While they may even call people terrorist for speech in America is obviously not a patriot, but still let them speak.

#1 Liam July 07, 2008 @ 12:08 PM
This is indeed cause for concern. The goverment here plans to introduce internet filtering at ISP level to block 'undesirable content'. I wrote an article on my blog about this here:


Whose concept of 'undesirable' are they going to use?

I think there is an investigation on Bush in progress; not sure how far it will get. Halliburton, the company Cheyney was CEO of was given extensive reconstruction contracts in Iraq. There seems to be some very questionable practices there. Some interesting articles here: liesofbush.com

Thanks for a very interesting blog, Liam

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