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Net Neutrality with Obama and McCain: Internet Technology
Net Neutrality with Obama and McCain

By: David Rader II on July 23, 2008 @ 3:14 PM

While some major telecom companies are pushing for control over the internet, we're still here fighting. With your help, we're making sure you're able to visit one website just as freely as another, including this one.

This is the equivalent to gas and car companies charging you extra depending on what store you want to shop at, what book in any library you want to take out- even school libraries, and charging you more to see your family and friends depending on what type of house they live in (E.g. charge you more to see friends on Facebook VS MySpace or Twitter). I'm not exaggerating here.

I've recently found out that Barack Obama has taken a firm and clear stance on this issue. Supporting the free flow of information, also known as net neutrality.

John McCain said "I go back and forth on the issue, it's a very hard issue, and I continue to take a look at it."1 It's really not a hard issue though, it's an extremely simple issue.

One question makes this issue clear. Is knowledge hurt when information is not freely available? If so, then telecom companies shouldn't be able to decide what information you're allowed to find. Without information, there is no education. What the hell is the purpose of freedom of speech if we're not allowed to be educated? Freedom of speech is intimately entwined with information.

You can do a lot in a very little amount time. Visit SaveTheInternet.com, get educated, send a message to your local representative (through the previous link), and don't forget why you wanted him to save the internet.

Learning resources, funny videos, and even porn (for some of you out there) will never be the same if our representative doesn't make the right decision on internet freedom.

Reference:John McCain on Net Neutrality

#1 Andrew July 24, 2008 @ 3:06 PM
I am part of a new campaign to switch to the first Telecom to take the Net Neutrality Pledge. It is a new type of campaign because people can join the campaign without switching but once the first Telecom takes the Pledge (as long as they provide service in your area) then all the members will switch. If you're interested check it out here: www.thepoint.com

Thanks and we want to help the spread the word about keeping an open internet.

#2 TSA March 29, 2009 @ 4:37 PM
I'd be screwed if ISP's could block sites :(

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