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Online Gaming Popularity: Internet Technology
Online Gaming Popularity

By: David Rader II on July 14, 2007 @ 12:27 AM

The popularity of online gaming seems to have been rising in recent years. And what do American's have to say about that? Not a whole lot, surprisingly. It's getting bigger in other countries and it's getting bigger in America too. The problem is, it's not getting the credit it duly deserves. Honestly, I can see internet gaming to become a more popular sport than even football.

Gaming is something that takes place Year Round, people with physical disabilities can participate (usually with no hinder in performance). Though computer games may seem simple or even brutal at times, it remains a sport where the mind prevails.

It's like each person is their own commander in a battle, often times operating in sync with fellow players. Unlike football, gaming is a sport where every player is the coach, each player makes his own game plans. A great commander operated well with other commanders. A multiplayer game where teams are involved is most won by commanders who can cooperate together. Instead of one head and many bodies controlling the game, there are many heads and many bodies. And by heads I mean people using intellect to win and conquer. That's not to say that the individual players on football fields don't get to use their brains, but they just aren't allowed by the coaches or the tradition of the game to utilize their full mental capacity.

I know I may sound nerdy right now. I see multiplayer games as a chess game that many people can play at the same time, a chess game often without pauses in between turns. Intellectually stimulating yet overwhelmingly entertaining, especially once you understand the basics or rules. A fast paced game of chess with vivid imagery where you can beat a person in China from a computer room in Afghanistan. There are bombs and explosions in online gaming, but no one gets physically hurt. Of course, some people cry when they lose though, maybe me, but I'm not admitting!

Online gaming teaches people that we can work together to achieve a common goal. We can even take different routes without hurting each other to acheive that same common goal. We will all be commanders contributing to the extension of mankind.

Take that person who plays the flight fighting game. Make a robot that's controlled by that game and have that gamer, the best robotic flier in the world the digital pilot of a plane that has to fly by asteroids.

Maybe I'm getting off topic here. The point is, I see an enormous future in gaming. We just have go cater to that future and make good things from it! I'd rather lose a thousand games to our worst enemy online than have a single scratch on our enemy. Gaming brings people from all places together, with many different histories. I believe people will know peace if they know each other.

If someone out there would like to sponsor an endeavor to make gaming as big as it should be, please contact me. To prepare you, I need time more than money, but I do need money. Food isn't free and healthcare will kill you.

You might want to see an interesting popularity trend for XBOX vs Playstation vs Wii vs Football, which further adds to the case that Online Gaming should be getting more credit.

The company "Blizzard" has recently released information on a game that will likely be one of the biggest of all time, Starcraft 2, which I wrote a very little bit of information on already.


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