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Quick Tricks to Navigate Faster to Yaho and Gogle: Internet Technology
Quick Tricks to Navigate Faster to Yaho and Gogle

By: David Rader II on August 03, 2007 @ 1:43 AM

Now you can get to Yahoo and Google a millisecond faster.

You can easily get to google by typing in gogle.com
If all you need is search, you can get to Yahoo easy by typing in yaho.com. (Don't worry, Yahoo! currently says this page is not found, but they offer their search on the page) - I do think it's kind of a good idea they steak a little education on the plate, by helping people become aware of the address bars importance in locating yourself on the internet, which will be a highly useful tool in scam detection.

Time is priceless, so though it's only a millisecond you'll be saving, you owe me BIG time. Plus, as most of us plan to live forever, those milliseconds will add up over the years, first to seconds, then minutes, hours, days, and this article may be saving you enough time for a small to medium vacation, depending on how much you use the internet.

When you're on that fancy island drinking the local brew, remember to grab me a souvenir.


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