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Surfing Security Trick: Internet Technology
Surfing Security Trick

By: David Rader II on October 20, 2007 @ 6:37 PM

This trick is one used by even the best of the best, and it's an easy trick. It will let you know where you're going before you go there on the internet.
3 Steps
1. Click on "View" near "File" up top
2. Make sure "Status Bar" has a check next to it
3. Hold your mouse pointer over a link to the left and look at the bottom of the screen

You should see the "internet address," or URL which will usually tell you the exact address you're going to. If it seems to be acting funky, someone's likely hiding it and to me that makes it look "sketchy" or "untrustworthy." In all fairness though, sometimes links do not show up if someone is using Flash player (ads and video games) or Javascript (Google ads). It's my assumption that there will one day be support so people can tell where they're going in those programs too.

I also assume that in the future browsers will install with the "Status Bar" set with a check mark next to it by default.


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