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Using Google Enhanced Image Search: Internet Technology
Using Google Enhanced Image Search

By: David Rader II on September 27, 2007 @ 3:17 PM

While a much lower number of friends visit my website through image sources, it appears they like what they find on my site (Chexed.com) more than when they arrive at Chexed.com through regular searching.

Image Search through Google:
208 people having a good time with about 1.9 pages per visit.

Text based search through Google:
12,352 people having a good time with about 1.5 pages per visit.

So although people seem to like arriving through text based searches more, they seem to be more prepared for whats in store by taking a gander at the photos. Images really do speak a lot I suppose?

Well if it can help people find what they like more, then I'm all about opting in for enabling the enhanced image search feature from Google. Visitors are more happy, increasing traffic, all good.

On another note, I tried out the actual labeling system (it's kind of set up like a game), I shared my experience about it too, it's called "Addicting Way to Help Out Google. Feel free to check it out!


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