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Watch YouTube with High Quality!!!: Internet Technology
Watch YouTube with High Quality!!!

By: David Rader II on May 04, 2008 @ 9:07 PM

The Google owned YouTube has been unfortunately, notoriously known for its low quality video and there have been many tutorials written for people to help them with YouTube quality issues...

That may now be a thing of the past!

Go see my latest video (made for a video game) and just to the right of the "Rate" and below the "Views" click on "watch in high quality" then a link will show to let you change it back to standard quality, thus letting you know the settings have been changed.

Here -> Pro Gamer video

I hope you like the video, especially in high quality! It's of me playing as my alternate ego, KHRONE! The Pro Gamer!

How awesome is that high quality feature!~! I know they need to work on some things, such as providing a direct link to the high quality versions and making high quality embeddable. I'm just glad to see the improvement!

You may also be interested to know that you can also go to your Video Playback Quality page on YouTube and set an option to make videos always play in high quality when possible.

Just make sure you save after you set it!

#1 G28174 May 08, 2008 @ 3:07 PM
you r fast game player man...

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