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Backup your Firefox or Thunderbird: Internet Technology
Backup your Firefox or Thunderbird

By: David Rader II on April 18, 2011 @ 11:49 PM

Switching to a new computer has never been easier! (Seriously, I'm not just saying that- this was PAINS FREE!) This Thunderbird backup and Firefox backup is priceless.

Backup Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird TOTALLY FREE using



I used this a few years ago and figured it would be gone by now. It's updated to the point of working with beta releases of Thunderbird and Firefox. It's alive and still kicking (HARD!)! I'm impressed!

If you're using Outlook or Outlook Express... May God help your pitiful soul. Mine have only ended in corrupt files, irretrievable files, or messy files. Oh, and Thunderbird is a free desktop based email client, a very similar alternative to Outlook in case you didn't know.


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