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Keyboard Shortcuts - Best Articles of The Web 0001: Internet Technology
Keyboard Shortcuts - Best Articles of The Web 0001

By: David Rader II on June 11, 2010 @ 1:23 AM

The first installment of what is a planned series of "Best Articles of The Web" comprised of some of the webs most useful, relevant and helpful links to articles on this planet (and the next).

Keyboard Shortcuts!

A list of Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm an avid user of Keyboard Shortcuts. Any person who spends more than 20 minutes on the web per day will likely save enough time in their life as a smoker who quits smoking gains back. That's from a recent study conducted in my head with zero scientific evidence, but it sounds pretty good, right?

Seriously, keyboard shortcuts will save you time. Some of my favorites saving me the most time are
Copy & Paste - Stop wasting time typing

CTRL + Z - Get back what you lose. (Keyboard shortcut acts as UNDO which works in almost every program- even without visible "Edit > Undo" toolbar options).

CTRL + TAB - Cycles through Tabs in your internet browser
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB - Cycle backwards through tabs

Alt+F4 - Close window (very helpful if you have 14 programs running and want to close them 30 seconds ago.

Tab - The holy grail of form-filling. Once you click in a web page to activate it, you can press tab to cycle through the different form fields, like First Name, Address, & Phone Number instead of clicking into each box.

CTRL+F - This one is very under used. When searching for something on the web we find our results more often than not, but sometimes those pages are about a mile long and we want to skip right to what we're looking for- Press CTRL+F and type in a single keyword (or better yet, part of a keyword) and press enter to search for it and cycle through the findings.

There are many more helpful keyboard shortcuts at that link above- some of which are Opera Browser specific (which in my opinion is the fasted main-stream browser available, oddly enough depending on the PC it's installed on for some reason).

I hope YOU gain hours, days, weeks or years back in your life- depending on how much you use the PC. Who wouldn't mind an extra hour in the day? With keyboard shortcuts, sometimes it actually happens.

#1 Onihikage November 21, 2010 @ 11:14 PM
The link above is missing the Ctrl+W shortcut for closing the active explorer window - not just a web browser tab, it works on the Windows explorer as well.

#2 Adrian Snare December 24, 2010 @ 11:05 AM
I am beseiged with internet spam(advertising).
The spammers use a white square to evade the e mail blocks and filters.
I need the same "white square" to counter the spammers. Alt, +, 25FB does nothing.
It must be something else.

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