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Handicap Computer Access: Internet Technology
Handicap Computer Access

By: David Rader II on July 11, 2010 @ 3:07 PM

It's no secret that I delve into handicap access enhancement technologies. Although I'm not close to anyone with a handicap, I know those challenges are hard and can make life unfair. Those challenges can be thrust upon anyone too at just about any time.

One of the biggest interests I had driving me to write a recent article, I didn't even mention in the article! The USB Mind Control Devices have many potential applications for handicapped people, especially concerning people with physical motor loss. Bionic human, here we come! Mind control would be a great way to control robotic extremities such as fingers, legs, etc.

Another interesting device is the "Foot Mouse" or Slipper Mouse as it's been dubbed. It's a USB foot pedal. This device I found while searching for something to reduce my repetitive wrist movements. They get sore sometimes. For the price though, I think I would try a mind controller first. At the same time though, our feet are SO DAMN LAZY when we're on the computer! I want to put them to work and let my poor hands balance the workload.

Well here's the USB Foot Mouse! There are other Programmable (assign any key you want to each button) USB Controllers out there too made for many purposes, which of course do not have to be the purpose you use them for :)

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