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The Words: Poem
Articles mentioning "Poem".
In a flowers bloom - 2017-05-03 23:45:15
In a flowers bloom

Materialism Poem - 2015-09-15 00:08:27
Materialism Owns you Owns me Package me Unwrap me Throw me way Feed waste Feed destruction Make war Make death Defend war Defend death Repeat Make a gun Make a shield Skip a cure Skip exploration Skip wonder Buy Dream not big Tinker not at all Build not substance Reuse not Destroy Recycle Repeat Buy Buy Buy

Cherish life - 2015-07-28 01:03:32
I want to dream

Be Better Tomorrow - 2014-10-17 23:41:39
Serve water.

Fear is the enemy of Knowledge - 2014-05-18 02:12:08
Understand misunderstanding.

There is Some Paradox - 2014-04-19 22:09:16
You have a thousand questions and I have a thousand... responses. Very few answers.

Turn The Other Cheek - 2014-04-08 00:00:01
Turn the other cheek

I blinked - 2014-02-18 21:18:50
This is a little poem or something I wrote throughout the day. One sentence at a time every little while. I know there's not much to it.

Manly Like a Buffalo - 2013-10-11 21:39:02
Oh how I love living underground, like in a cave. Makes me feel manly like a buffalo.

To Land and Stay - 2013-06-17 20:50:25
The seed shaped like an umbrella floated overhead from a nearby tree for a short distance.

Always Hope For Tomorrow - 2013-06-17 20:45:03
My mind is not at peace. My heart lays crooked. My soul hath no voice. My body is a slave to a whim. With tomorrow comes hope.

Old Wisdom - 2013-05-27 01:26:46
There was once a fly rabbit who's parents never traveled near the hole near the lake and always acted scared when even near it.

Sleepless Night - 2011-12-27 02:16:21
When I know I have nearly died from lack of sleep why do I remain awake

More than tools - 2010-09-05 01:57:09
The hammer does not just build the house The house grows when it hammers outisde ...

Where's the good rain? - 2010-08-12 19:08:41
A poem about rain. Where's the good rain at?

Lonely Bench - 2008-10-22 23:35:44
A lonely bench No butts upon it

The Hour Of Power - 2008-10-01 23:28:18
My heart is not calm My mind is not at ease I have fears Losing hope I still say please.

For the Heart I Have - 2008-09-28 01:47:24
Do not like me for my face Do not like me for my ace

Swallow My Ego - 2008-09-27 12:58:13
I have not done a painting in months Maybe a year so no one wants To comment on my images. I feel not angry though unsatisfied

It Became What It Is - 2008-08-17 15:10:12
I did not mean it to be a poem, but I felt it was poetic when writing it. I continued writing it when I felt that way about it. The words came about when I was creating commentary, or rather a justification of my words regarding someones question about quitting smoking.

Tobacco - 2008-04-27 12:39:13
It is as a cool stream of water on a hot summer day

Lovely Roman - 2008-04-26 01:39:56
I was Roman from place to place No matter where I went, I was Roman

River Draem - 2008-01-18 19:22:28
I skipped across stones to get to the small isle in the rivers middle.

Thong Attention - 2007-12-30 05:40:49
Even though I know it's wrong, my thong I submit anyway on my head.

Staring Nice - 2007-11-14 06:54:57
It's just me barely breathing Sasquatch beating at my door Sasquatch hungry the crow's no more

I love you but I forgot your name - 2007-09-16 10:15:43
I don't remember trivial things Names, dates, times, all the same Your personality and your smile

A Million Dollar Check As Good As A Bill - 2007-08-01 21:41:03
It was one! A million dollars I won! A check as good as a bill!

What Love I am Looking For - 2007-07-30 14:34:47
I don't know what I'm lookin for, but I know one thing for sure. I'm gonna find love no matter what it takes. When I'm on the edge I'll never break. When I find you, I know it will be worth the wait.

My Heart is Bound in Chains - 2007-07-20 10:49:06
My heart is bound in chains On the chains are razor blades

Fishing Vixen - 2007-07-20 10:42:50
When I'm with you, I feel like a fish out of water

I Walk Full Hearted in the Rain - 2007-07-20 10:24:37
Walking down the empty street Thugs and gangs for me to meet I hope they're light on their feet For today I walk with much heat

Atmosphere Ozone Layer Depletion Prevention - 2007-07-20 10:04:26
If ice mountains melt away Sea level world wide rises And the wind has less resistance Storms will be growing stronger

Coukey Never Mind Poem - 2007-07-05 04:02:55
So I shall never mind Not once shall I feel the bind

Shooting Star short poem - 2007-07-04 08:38:07
A shooting star I saw showed me this way is true.

After I Thought About You - 2007-07-04 05:30:02
Today after I thought about you the stars seem closer than they ever do. I can almost

I am not depressed Death Gets The Finger - 2007-06-25 22:15:56
I am not depressed, I'm bright, I'm light, I'm not mad, just a little bad. I have no depression for confession and self crucifixion is not my mission.

A General Analogy of Multiple Religions - 2007-06-24 14:04:24
As clear as he could see the future, he didn't foresee his own creation of a mob. He knew they would befriend each other in the end, but...

The Demon Vs The Pure One - 2007-06-24 01:29:58
I have become the demon I've longed to fight. Now I must die at the hands of the pure one. Should I go on with my ill intentions to fulfill my desires? At least then

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