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Universal Law of Perpetual Imbalance : Thoughts
Universal Law of Perpetual Imbalance

By: David Rader II on December 07, 2015 @ 11:27 PM

Just thinking I was about how "balanced" systems always seem to be ever so slightly out of balance. Like our solar system. Things seem like they're in good harmony, however, eventually everything will get sucked into the sun or it will explode.

Also, the law of entropy states that everything breaks down eventually, but maybe it's just coming to its own inevitably reached center and has just reached its end. It never "decayed," it was just sucking itself into the center ever so slowly, because it was so near perfect balance. Maybe perfect balance would be impossible, or worse yet, spell something unmentionable, UNIVERSAL UNDOING!!!

I poured hot coffee into my ice-filled cup. The balance is nearly perfect enough there to destroy the universe. You all got lucky. REAL LUCKY PUNX. <~ Super cool alternative spelling of punks. It means business. Nearly perfect.

Ok, back away from the deadly center and back to more real world examples of perpetual imbalance. Nothing really seems to be in "perfect harmony" except existence itself. And this moment. And that moment. And the next one. Enjoy the moment your in right now, before it's gone.


Too late.

Catch the next!


I spoke using a joke template here, e.g. say something horrible (universal undoing) with little care, yet is socially acceptable because it seems extremely unlikely. And if it were to happen, I'm pretty sure it would be instant anyway. Brave forth into the next moment 1 second from now! it's going to be great!!

Oh yeah, what I was saying is there might actually be something to this "law" in the title of the post.


What if there was a tiny black hole inside every major planetary body? Or some atom at a more perfect balance than others? It seems like atoms with rotations more close to perfect would have higher centers of gravity or electrical fields/pull. Because, spinning stuff seems to make stuff happen, like science.

Hopefully, this humor has entertained your squishy skull jelly, but also prodded it so it's ever so slightly more thinky now, but not too thinky, because we know what thinky in perfect harmony might do. SQUISH! or boom.

Be entertained, be awakened, right something better.

Oh yeah, maybe a "singularity" would be reached if perfect balance was truly obtained. Then again, the universe would probably have something to counter a real singularity. Nothing to worry about here folks. Most likely.


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