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Sugar Causes Sore Throats: Thoughts
Sugar Causes Sore Throats

By: David Rader II on December 10, 2011 @ 12:40 AM

From my own personal experience, I've noticed sugar causes sore throats.

I try to remember what I eat throughout the day to see how my body reacts to each thing. If I drink 4+ cans of soda within a few hours, I often get a sore throat, regardless of previous health.

Has anyone else ever noticed this correlation? It seems like such an easy thing to avoid, but no one ever told me about this. If you have any experience with this, please share so that others might learn too!

#1 isaak May 02, 2012 @ 3:44 PM
the bacteria prefer to grow an enviroment of high suger, so if you drink something with high suger some of these suger remain in the tonsilis, then the bacteria gets achance to grow there untill it couses inflammation or sorethroat, so when ever you drink something contoins high suger drink after it plenty of water which can clean that region

#2 Devon August 12, 2012 @ 9:53 PM
Yeah it seems like every time I get a sore throat I had eaten some ice cream, pie, cake, or something else really sweet just a day or two before. It seems more likely to happen the more sugar I consume. If I just had a few popsicles a week I'd probably be fine, but ice cream, followed by cookies the next day, and all the sugar in a few pieces of pie as well seems to have ended in disaster where I have a sore throat yet again. Maybe this is because I don't really eat insane amounts of sugar each day: on most days, almost my entire day's sugar content is from a moderate size bowl of breakfast cereal. I know it's quite a bit but not so much to make me sick unless I start eating other sugar-heavy foods. I think my new rule of thumb is going to be that if I feel like I need to drink water with it because it has so much sugar, don't eat it...

#3 AJ October 31, 2013 @ 10:58 AM
Yes! Almost always when I eat an excessive amount of sugar I will either feel congestion in my sinuses or a minor sore throat, both which go away when flushing with water or herbal tea. I typically do not eat a lot of sugar, but at times will crave it but sometimes I go overboard on the sugar, for example a regular size candy bar either two days in a row, or a bunch of small chocolate toffees 2 times a day for a day or two. That's all it takes for me to feel the effects. Right now I'm fighting a very bad sore throat, there was a bug going around and I caught it, guess what I was eating too much of? Yep I was feeling stressed at work and had 3 chocolate toffees and I mini Snickers and the next day I woke up with a painful sore throat. From looking this up online I'm finding that sugar can deplete your energy after the initial sugar rush, and once your energy is depleted your immune system becomes vulnerable to the viruses or pathogens that can cause colds and sore throats. I think in my case the stress also played a part in getting sick. This is the second day of the sore throat and I do feel better, as I had been drinking lots of herbal teas, soups, gargling with warm salt water and every few hours taking oregano oil drops. Although its still there, I feel much much better than yesterday.

#4 dia December 21, 2013 @ 12:10 AM
I've recently monitored myself, and I as well get sore throats from consuming an excessive amount of Sugar.. I actually get strep throat after having too much candy

#5 Joy December 27, 2014 @ 8:43 AM
Sweet foods and drinks always cause tonsillitis and/or strep throat if you don't gargle and wash it all down with some clean drinking water right after consumption. As a child, I even used to get terrible cases of tonsillitis from my Flintstones vitamins because they contained sugar in them. Currently, I am planning to have my tonsils taken out because I don't want to have to live with taking antibiotics every now and then because I ate or drank something sweet and forgot to gargle afterwards!

#6 Some Guy April 04, 2015 @ 10:38 PM
Hrmm, the symptoms you guys are describing sound a lot like my own. I thought I was the only person in the world who dealt with this.

Here's how it works for me: After several years of experience and trial & error, I've found that SWEET STICKY FOODS can cause me to get a sore throat, which then can turn into the common cold (or at least the common cold's symptoms). Dangerous foods include bananas (ya I know), dates, milk chocolate, cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc. I ALWAYS first feel a STINGING sensation deep in the back-right of my throat. It's a very specific point in the throat. It's an area that I can't touch with my finger since I begin gauging when I attempt to do so (like with a Q-tip). The stinging sensation is very unique, and that can then turn into a sore throat the next day, then that can turn into common cold symptoms.

I've had my tonsils removed as an adult thinking that was the problem, but the issue persists. I've been tested for a myriad of allergies, all negative. I feel like the stinging begins if sugar can sit in a particular area of my throat, using stickiness in its favor (such as the oil in milk chocolate, or cake).

What makes this really difficult is that I love sweets, but I have a big price to pay: gambling several days of having the common cold =(

#7 Pewsey the cat May 02, 2015 @ 2:16 AM
Oh my goodness, so it's not just me being silly! I thought I was imagining things...but what IS it in our bodies that causes this reaction? With me it's just eating one sticky chocolate biscuit....I then get a burning in the back of my throat tand about three hours later I start to sneeze , usually nine or ten times, sometimes more. This is followed by copious amounts of clear nasal discharge and the following day my lips are sore, just like a cold. I try to avoid sugar but can only go so long and then crave something sweet.....weak of me I know ....I too had my tonsils removed at the age of 40.

#8 JoJo May 07, 2015 @ 3:11 PM
Haha , just went online to check what it was then I stumbled upon this thread. Bought some Carbs for after my workout´s after the first use i got a sore throat. This happens with cheese , milk , some types of coffee , protein shakes that come from milk and now some sugar sorts.

Tried an energy drink with various sugars and my throat started to close up took a allergi tablet and it got better.
I found that having half a tea spoon of ginger after breakfast relieves the pain in the throat allot.

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