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Finding myself: Thoughts
Finding myself

By: David Rader II on August 29, 2014 @ 11:28 PM

In trying to find myself, I found where my footing was some time ago. I realized that I was aimless and found goal after goal that left my very being hollow. Without the most righteous goal, how would I stay grounded? So, I have taken on this task to find the most righteous thing to do and realize it must be pitted against something.

I pit my goal against the seemingly impossible, against being for all things including humans at the forefront because I am one and have sympathy for our race. However, strong power can cause a swift demise of even ones own self. For ones self, it is best to have moderate power, but for all, if just and entirely fair, it is best to have more power than the reckless and unfair.

Power for the just is hard work and an honor, while power for the greedy is destructive and shameful. I have found that when unaccompanied by strong beliefs in righteous doings hard work is instead a burden, but when love in the reason for the hard work is present, it becomes an honor and thus pleasurable, while still being hard work.

The more I try earnestly to find myself, the more I find others. Therefor, to do the greatest good for myself, I must do good for others.


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