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Amazing Human Feats: Thoughts
Amazing Human Feats

By: David Rader II on December 14, 2007 @ 9:44 AM

This article is written to express human ability where little credit is given. It seems our society would rather take a pill from outward and bring it inward than use what is already in side of us.

The next time you think about popping a pill to control your pain or believe a doctor when they tell you there is "no chance." I want you to remember these feats or people who constantly test our human ability, and push the extent of our findings.

1. Control Ones Own Heart Rate People can control their heart rates relatively easily through breathing techniques. However, the method of breathing is not the sole decider of heart rate.1 2

2. We can harness the powers of echolocation just as the fighters do in movies with sand thrown in their eyes. Seriously.3 4

3. Control Ones Own Pain Reactions There is a woman out there who has refused anesthesia for multiple surgeries. She doesn't flinch and cause the doctor to make accidental slices with his razor sharp scalpel either.5

4. Control Ones Own Body Temperature There have been Buddhist monks, known for meditation and being in tune both spiritually and physically, including with their own bodies. They have been able to change their body temperature up to 17 degrees.6

Though we do not admit the control we have over ourselves, there is much control we have over ourselves that many of us are not even aware of. Many of these things work on their own, but knowing about them can help greatly, but until we do know their full extent, the placebo effect will always not only be possible, but necessary, even with "real" medicine. If someone believes medicine is not going to work, the inner workings of their body that they are not aware of will carry our their beliefs for them, likely designed by God or Evolution to assume that ones mind will only think good thought about ones body.

Please note that these are not my original sources. Where I originally heard, read, or watched what I've told you about here has been lost over the years. Probably more than 10 years ago when I first heard some of these things, I was not expecting to be writing this paper, in fact, I thought it was obvious that if people could do these feats, such great human abilities (for the time) would be common knowledge. I was wrong, so I have created a list of other reputable sources that give substance as closely related as possible to my statements where possible. It has become apparent to me that writing this article is necessary to bring awareness of things that our current medical industry discredits, those who should really be on the forefront on such knowledge - not making people perform these feats, but letting them know that others have, that the possibility exist, giving hope, giving power.

1. "Studies by the Institute of Heart-Math have shown that one can learn to control one's own heart rate variability."
Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice Pg. 194, Paragraph

2. "...subjects can be trained to consciously control their heart rate using biofeedback techniques." Paragraph 13
MY NOTE: Although they say it is "probably" mediated by controlled respiration, I will agree, but not completely, mainly because controlled respiratory rate causes controlled thought, because thought becomes focused on breathing and less on "stressful" thoughts and more of a repetitive motion, which acts as a "double whammy" for necessary energy to be used.

3. Ben Underwood

4. "How A Blind Teen 'Sees' With Sound

5. "Pain really is 'all in the mind'
MY NOTE: Although the effect we allow pain to have on is is highly controllable, that does not mean pain is to be ignored. Pain lets us know something is happening. Sometimes those things that are happening are unavoidable so there's no reason to just "let it hurt" but there's plenty reason to "do something about it." For example, If you cut your finger, you can either A. Scream about it tapping into your primal instincts that your mother or father will come help. B. Scream about it hoping your social instincts will prove worthy when a passer-by comes running. C. Fix it yourself if you know how. D. Run towards a medical facility. E. Use a combination of these methods such as "Run screaming hoping a passer by will help while going towards a medical facility." - The point is, we don't have to scream just because it hurts. If you were the only person on Earth, how much good would it do screaming in the middle of nowhere because something hurt? Well, you might get lucky and a lion might hear your useless screams and come by and eat you, but other than that, screaming would serve no purpose other than wasting your breath. Pain is there to let us be aware of a problem and encourage us to do something about it, it's not there to completely control us beyond our will. I would compare pain to our bodies as our continent to a storm: The ground shakes from the beating winds, our space is being invaded, our inner workings create mountains and walls to stop these winds, but as the wind comes we can stand our ground and our animals may rebuild and defend us, but we must take the wind when it is there, complaining will not help, only physically doing something will. - That may be a poor analogy, but I had fun writing it. Also, the animals I referred to were the bacteria, white blood cells, and other things we are hosts to that benefit themselves by keeping us alive - which a virus could also benefit from, if we and it were able to compromise, and the compromisation would be best for it and us to lean in our favor, because the better we, the hosts do for our guests, the longer our hosts can life, and in time, the more they can reproduce- so long as they control themselves, but currently, they may not have reason to control themselves if we wish to kill them so quickly, they must do battle as hard as possible to reproduce as much as possible, because we would not let them live otherwise.

6. Meditation changes temperatures


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