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Yearn for Truth: Thoughts
Yearn for Truth

By: David Rader II on June 03, 2015 @ 11:56 PM

I want to be able to speak truthfully at all times. I want to live in a society that truly appreciates conversation and can truly agree to disagree, while holding the other in the same regard as ones self. We are all different in many ways, but the same in many more. We're the same throughout history, the same in our bodies, the same basic needs. Our lives are connected even now. I yearn for a day when truth is the highest prize.

Why do I fear to speak truth? Is it because you will judge me? Is it because I will judge myself? Will you react negatively towards me if you are in disagreement with me?

Why must I use so many words to feel safe by justifying it? Shouldn't I speak the truth? There is no greater freedom than that of truth. To know the truth is to have peace. To know the inevitable is to prepare for it. To know the truth is to have acceptance.

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