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Country of Origin Labeling Requirements Lifted: Thoughts
Country of Origin Labeling Requirements Lifted

By: David Rader II on July 16, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

-- A little note to the House Committee on Agriculture --
-- https://agriculture.house.gov/contact --
-- Regarding the recent uplifting of the labeling --
-- requirements to include country of origin --
-- Story: Wall Street Journal --

Dear Representative,

There is a reason its law for Ingredients to be listed. It's so we know what we're putting in our bodies. If there's ever some kind of weird animal or plant disease outbreak (which you know there will be), who will have the knowledge of our foods origins?

Who will be responsible from opening the floodgates of poorly sourced food? This is a big issue not to be controlled by a million grocery execs. This is why departments like the FDA exist; that is, to strain, to filter. If our health comes second to the WTO, then their leaders need to be outed for the crimes against humanity they're partaking in.

This is the same with GMO. If simply KNOWING what's in a food makes people not want it- then maybe they SHOULD know? People can handle the truth. I love cornflakes and knowing they're GMO, I EAT THEM ANYWAY, because I've done the research and feel the risk is low.

Please stop letting corporations decide what's best for our health. They've proven their concerns with obesity and diabetes epidemics. The public is finally, albeit slowly pushing back so that corporations are bending to the will of the people without laws forcing them to provide healthier foods. Meanwhile, you and your constituents are pulling one of our tools for controlling our own health out from our hands.

Thank you,
David Rader II


On another note, who in their right mind would like NOT to know where their water comes from? Knowing the location of water sources has saved so many lives. Let's hope that's not next.

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