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When did you choose to be straight?: Thoughts
When did you choose to be straight?

By: David Rader II on February 08, 2014 @ 4:33 AM

In a comment on a popular internet video, asking the question "When did you choose to be straight" I went on a little rant. I quickly typed this response because it's almost 4:30am and I have to wake up soon. I have no hatred for anyone. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this debate.

When did you choose to be straight?

When did you choose to speak English? If you didn't, that means you were born pre-determined to physically speak English, right?

It sickens me to see people strip power from themselves by reducing their sexuality to only physical attributes. When one becomes conscious of it, it becomes a choice. People on both sides are afraid to answer the question of "why are you straight or gay" because in our current culture we do not like to delve deep into our psyche's. It's far less scary and much easier to say "I was born that way."

People are afraid that by questioning themselves they might accidentally "become gay" or "become straight." No, it becomes a choice. With this choice comes social burden, and with social burden can come extreme social anxiety which can be deadly. It's completely understandable in an unintellectual society why people wouldn't want to consider this burden. Questioning things can be dangerous. In some countries, it's not just social anxiety that can kill you, it's society itself by an action of rage and blindness or even government sanction.

If you've done a lot of objective thought, you'll find that being gay or straight does become a choice. I love each and every human being on this earth as if they were gay, as if they were straight, as if they were human. My love for people doesn't change based on their sexual orientation. I do however I hate to see people disempower themselves with false comfort. Free yourself from the box that doesn't exist. You're doing yourself and everyone else a disservice by letting your true self remain unquestioned, undiscovered.

Looking for the greater good:

I personally believe sexual orientation directly benefits no society other than in procreation which at this time in our humanity requires a male and a female. However, reasonable sexual activities regardless of gender do benefit society in many indirect ways through better health, stress relief, increased intelligence and more.

Lifetime mating between male and female have many well regarded benefits documented throughout the ages. When lifetime mating is open to same-sex genders, at least one added benefit is an increased likelihood of adoption which is necessary to a healthy society.

Marriage is a bond made not just between the couple, but also to the witnesses, entire public and with God that among other things the couple will stay and work together and sexual activities will not go beyond the marriage. This translates to it being a bond that children will be cared for, each spouse will be healthier and sexual diseases will not be spread. In regards to the mentioned benefits, marriage is an obvious societal bond no matter the gender of a person. A bond however, is only as good as a persons word.


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