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About my Enemies and Friends: Thoughts
About my Enemies and Friends

By: David Rader II on June 07, 2008 @ 5:28 AM

The people of nations must agree with or without their governments sponsorship to remain peaceful. We must share our food, our technology, our values, our rights, our thoughts, and much much more. We must seek equality.

I will only fight the fighter who wishes to fight, but I will first extend my hand with hopes friendship and talks to create understanding to reach equality. That will make sure there is no misunderstanding that fighting is what's requested, and if after I extend my hand there is no shake, I know that it is you who are at fault, because you believe you are better, relieving balance of its dues. Trust me, balance is needed, just try to stand without it if you need evidence of the necessity of balance for life. Accepting humility and the notion of equality is recognizing balance.

I may run the risk of being struck while seeking friendship, but that is nothing compared to running the risk of losing even a potential friend. There are so many potential friends... To me they are already my friends. Even my enemies are my friends, though I stay my distance until I can find the words which will create understanding of my confession of necessary equality. If I am confronted by my enemy when I do not have the words which would normally bypass the necessity of reason for our currently displaced friendship, then I will try with or without my enemy using the lightest words I can find to explain why I think we are currently enemies, then letting he or she know I am seeking friendship and trying to ensure fairness, equality. Hopefully my enemy will try to explain his or her reasons for our displaced friendship, because it may contribute to our understanding. Ironically, the perceived imbalance is often an illusion based on our angle of perception, so it is not only in the interest of peace to have talks, but also in the interest of logic, so as not to deny the possibility of an illusion tearing us apart.

Even if I am hit first by my enemy without talks, then I will try not to fight back until an attempt to talk is made. Even if I must fight back, I will try not to inflict long lasting pain or disability so when the fight is done, I will try to talk again. If I must, I will make a sacrifice, providing temporary imbalance with the fairness being bad on my side to show that I am not bluffing in my effort to make peace. Even during the fight I would try to stop it with words and not force.

#1 Corina June 15, 2008 @ 11:18 AM
If only everyone thought like this.......

#2 Ali June 16, 2008 @ 11:25 AM

Thanks for a great blog which I found on an EntreCard drop - I have subscribed to your RSS feed.


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