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Commentary on Frank Rosenhoovers Statement: Thoughts
Commentary on Frank Rosenhoovers Statement

By: David Rader II on April 17, 2008 @ 8:33 PM

Frank Rosenhoover said today on C-Span (Washington Journal) that it's a sad commentary on America that we have to bribe our young men and women, our countries primary defense to stay in the military.

I agree, it is sad. I joined the US Marines assured that whilst in bootcamp, I would be privileged to special informations truly justifying the war in Iraq. To me, it seemed obvious that for the sake of sustaining morality, better explanations for reasons of the current war.

However, I found while in bootcamp there were no special informations and it was as I truly did not expect it to be. It was a place to teach the acceptance of orders.

With a place that teaches the acceptance of orders without the backing of justified reasons, it's no wonder that people have to be bribed to stay in. It's a horrendous state of any military where the militants are not allowed to know why they're fighting who they're fighting. It doesn't matter if it's America or China, if the soldiers don't truly know why they're fighting, their own demoralization is imminent.

Seriously, I'm not that old, so perhaps it's always been this way, but now America is a place where soldiers are told to fight for reasons not completely explained, reasons that seem to be heartless and near-obvious lies.

I suppose it's good in the minds of some people to have soldiers who do not question. I suppose China, Burma, and Darfur are very happy their soldiers don't question why they hurt monks, the Christian, Jewish, and Catholic equivalent of priests, pastors, and rabbi's.

If people trust their government blindly, then staying in the military is a moral move for them, if they need to work, then they're rightly blameless, but that doesn't leave any person or people leading them with false reasons blameless.

The seemingly unfortunate truth is that all wars are started or continued using false reasons to motivate the troops. This is obvious. Why I say it's a seemingly unfortunate truth is because it's so obvious, once people realize what's right in front of their face, that no one wants to fight, everyone wants to live, everyone wants to experience happiness, and we can do all of this and achieve great things together.

Nearly every child in almost every culture is taught that "violence is not the answer," however their supposed leaders violate the core values they try to teach their pupil and their militarizes are unvocalized in their reasons for wars, making the truths they try to hide obviously there. They're scared.

Lions kill other lions because they're hungry, scared, or crazed (diseased). Humans do not have to eat other humans, so humans kill because they're scared or crazed. Most humans are not diseased, except in the respect that fear is a disease itself.

I say to Frank Rosenhoover to make war moral and soldiers will gladly stay. However, in this information age, the truth that all war is immoral is slowly seeping out. Many believe there will always be war. I believe in this information age we have the chance to prove them wrong.

#1 PappyPoet April 27, 2008 @ 10:10 PM
I believe that America is heading for disaster in our own land. Our leaders lie to us and tell us to fight against tyranny. Pre-emptive active was supposed to protect us in the long run, but where are we now? Recession, unaffordable healthcare, rising prices on everything from fuel to food! There is only one thing that will stop this....Revolution...We must gather as ONE and fight the morons in Washington and their lobbyists. I will glady fight for my home, family, and country to keep out invaders, but I want my government to take care of it's own at the same time!!! Spend a couple of trillion dollars on our own people, before sending money to other countries....BAH!!!!!!

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