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Communicating Pill Problems: Thoughts
Communicating Pill Problems

By: David Rader II on November 28, 2007 @ 4:08 PM

When I was younger and even today I have had communication problems, I think most of us do... That's why many of us get frustrated.

Except doctors call communication problems disorders and frustration anger problems. It sounds much worse when someone makes you feel as if that problem is something that will be a part of you for the rest of your life, unless you take certain pills, or see a psychologist that even the doctor seems to have less faith in then pills.

The key to solving a problem is not suppressing it with pills.

From my observations, doctors will tell you "don't let your emotions bottle up inside you, or you'll lose it, you'll explore." Fut for some reason when it comes to physical problems, they don't follow the same protocol, they prescribe medications to suppress problems. Those medications should be the last line of defense deployed only if the situation is by almost if not all other means hopeless. Medication should not the first wave.

As much as it may seem as though I "have it out for" doctors, I really don't. There does need to be change in the way we practice medicine and doctors are at the forefront of and change that needs to be done in regards to the practice of medicine.

My communication problems today are still present, but no where near what they were when I was younger. Many problems, such as communication (or the lack of understanding a wide, full, or specific spectrum of communication to sensibly participate in a particular conversing) are solvable only by knowledge. If someone doesn't know how to talk to a specific person, it may likely be because they talk with different phrases, though with the same words, those same words may mean different things to different people, and the same words may also hold higher levels of power (power eg: to someone who cusses regularly, saying "that f*c|King sucked" could be the same as someone else saying "that wasn't good"- although it may seem like the first one implies the situation is worse, the two subjects have different levels of "respect" attached to their words, so different words must be aligned to match the same level of power. Giving someone a pill to make them realize "that wasn't good" can sometimes, but not usually mean the exact same thing as "that f*cK$ng sucked" isn't going to work anymore than making an elementary school child eat pills to learn ABC's. I think the key is tapping into the knowledge that's already there, and direct it to mold around new knowledge, not use pills to abandon likely previously established learning methods to relearn something.

As you may notice, my writing skills need to be sharpened to better communicate.

The cussing was for educational purposes and was masked so that if someone doesn't already know the word, they wont be as likely to learn it, the words were chosen because I thought they combined to make a fine example.


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