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Conclusions from General Observations: Thoughts
Conclusions from General Observations

By: David Rader II on July 23, 2007 @ 3:36 AM

WRITTEN August 10, 2004

I talk little around new people, to learn how they talk, then I talk.

Recently I have been getting in touch with speaking openly witch must have a charcter backing it. The character is either known or unknown. Studying your own character.

I don't really like speaking openly, thoughts are lacking in the speech (and actions - if acting openly which usually coincides with speaking openly).

A character is something that you are, something you posess.

If someone is not aware of their acting abilities I can not be with them in a relatioship which I feel is fair.
EDIT, if someone is not aware of their acting abilities, then I must continue to aim towards righteous actions. I hope I'm choosing the right ones.

One thing that I can expect from someone who does not know their acting abilities is honesty, whether they hide it or not, I will see it so long as my acting ability is stronger (has more extensions, or the biggest extension including the biggest sum of extensions).
EDIT Or perhaps having just the right extensions, I believe will give one the ability to see through others actions to witness truth.

One who is equal in acting strength has the option to hide or show truth without detection. It is then up to you controlling your decision to trust or trust not.

When someone intentionally imbalances out the good deeds towards another (where the good deeds you do for them are more than the good deeds they do for you) you may either be gaining their trust to show them you trust them, or gaining their
EDIT ... I did not finish this one for some reason

Psychology - The legally and morally widespread accepted practice of learning how to manipulate people into telling you what you want to hear.
EDIT Perhaps I had discontempt towards psychology at that moment and made an attempt towards making it look bad. I do not agree with some standards in relation to physchology (e.g. What is and is and is not acceptable - what does and does not work).
EDIT In general, one problem I find in the scientific community that appears extremely common, is the liklihood to accept things as absolute fact. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but scientifically speaking, using the scientific method, all things said are theories, except for the statement "I exist." Even the validity of that statement would depend on the definition you associate with "I."
EDIT ... I believe what is commonly known as "fact," is usually a strong or very strong theory.

Truth is found in numbers, it is up to you whether to accept that truth or not. Watch, as this book gets known, its sales will go up from people who search for the truth.
EDIT ... That is not to say that the book will be composed entirely of truth, but to say it will be composed of at the very least, a just search for truth.
EDIT ... Though first, I believe this websites popularity will rise, because of the number of people who do seek out truth. And I hope, that those people see that I am trying to do something good. If you, the reader believes I am doing something wrong here, please do not support my website by reading it without criticizing it.
EDIT ... I hope that everyone with question will criticize this website. I do not believe I will have time to respond to every criticization, but I will support communities that have critizations both for and against this website, so long as the goal is apparently aiming towards spreading higher understanding for mankind. I'd likely feel privaleged to participate in the community, if allowed. Though, if anyone is not allowed to discuss and debate, it seems it would be rarely justifieable to me, having favorism towards the theory, The Wisdom of Crowds, (please note that unfortunately (in my opionion, because there is much more to it), the article linked to seems primarily bussiness oriented, and also note that the "diversity of opinion" is a required element, according to the writers of Wikipedia). One way that someone may develop a community with my direct input as banned, could be to have a goal that wishes to see the output without my involvement.
EDIT ... Truth can often be found in numbers. Shortly below there is a link to this theory, the "Wisdom of Crowds."
EDIT "this book" as referred to in the first line of this section, refers to a book that I'm organizing notes on. What I'm posting here online is largely in part a repository. This way, my works can be published to be seen indefinitely on the web by anyone, I can come in and EDIT them as I'm working towards creation of the book, to find out what I should and should not elaborate more on, and provide a free preview of the book.

The truth to what? Underlieing - existance (secretive) (section blocked for sake of ego - security headquarters (the main security is located in the ego for most people. main security is distinguished by where the most faith is directed and main faith lays is depicted by location of deepest faith.
EDIT I wrote something on this somewhere, though that doesn't really do much good to let that be known, except that you can expect more elaboration on this other than what follows. Basically, it seems as though people find different truths, depending on how much evidence or knowledge supporting one theory has been aquired, and battle them out against each others, perhaps accepting much truth, little truth, or no truth from that battle, perhaps even losing what was previously accepted as truth or making that truth more "teetering on the edge." Perhaps the ego is most wrong when there is little evidence to support a theory or there is much of a supporting theory against it, yet the "underdog" theory is believed. Perhaps it is good for an underdog theory to be tested, but not at the expense of anyones safety. Physical safety is easy to pinpoint, mental safety can be hard (perhaps impossible?) to pinpoint, depending on the strength of the mind to "bring itself back" or to stay logically attached (and not overwhelmingly emotionally attached?) to the mindset, search, or goal.

We think in more than one dimension.
EDIT That is to say, we think (observe, and define) through more than one perspective. - Collectively, the collective perspective. Generally, "my perspective." E.g. From my perspective, it appears...

My acting strength depends on the mindset of my character which I build accordingly to my raw beliefs.
EDIT Raw beliefs which come from a lifetime (however long it may be) of aquired knowledge, through accepting and testing observations (not necessarily through only the sense of sight).

Relationships must maintain balance to stay strong (keep the bond tight).


Why do most people follow law these days in most countries? Because, in most countries the easiest way seen to live and seemingly most simple way to live is to do so.
EDIT This was an observation. It seems likely that people do not live in accordance with law due to agreement with it, but more so fear of it. Whether or not logically, they feel the law is incorrect. One thing that is a strong opposer to law is a feeling of moral obligation. For instance

Hurt comes from change or a believed change. Change is the process of losing something thought known or gaining something felt unknown.

Ex. I thought I knew that creature was going to survive the operation, but something else came up that I had never seen before.

Ex. I knew the creature was going to die some time, but I knew it was impossible to really tell Now the person now knows (for example) it is possible to know when on a subconscious level but does not realize it and the weight of that suppressed knowledge is added to the current problem (the top of the pyramid, the current subject), which (for example) is in this root example the loss of the dog (which is now for most felt known not to be). Felt - from the honest sum of all things currently truely believed that are on the surface for the given moment.

- Please keep in mind that the book may or may not elaborate more on some subjects, but to give more time towards posting "Thoughts," I don't EDIT everything I post, this will also allow more time to contribute to the book to produce more concise understanding. Since I resigned from my last "real job," I've been making less than $6.00 a day, working over 80 hours a week, so as you may imagine, I must use my time wisely as my savings (in money and time) to organize these "Thoughts," to produce the book, will run out quickly. If you want to help, please feel free to donate, or spread the word about this website. Thank you veru much!

Some hurt can not be avoided, while much is created by the individual.


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