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Discover Wonders for the Human Compendium: Thoughts
Discover Wonders for the Human Compendium

By: David Rader II on January 18, 2008 @ 8:17 PM

The obvious wonders of the world are mostly discovered... Most of the wonders that are left can't be discovered by taking a walk or a long run, but they do still require a journey... It's still a journey that most people shun, that part hasn't changed. We search for the finer things... The things most will not believe are real until they're shown, just like most people didn't believe the world was round until someone showed them.

Most will not believe a scientist until he shows them his discovery under a microscope, they will not believe a geologist until he has a satellite photo, they wont believe a psychologist until he shows a dog, they wont believe an inventor until it's invented, and they wont believe a writer until it's written... They wont believer any discoverer until they've discovered.

No matter what people say to discourage you from searching for your discovery, don't let them stop you. It's understandable that who don't believe you have their suspicions, you wouldn't want them believing everything anyone said before they could prove it would you? The world is actually a square. Besides, almost everyone (if not everyone) has said something they thought was true before, then found out later it wasn't, but they didn't mean to say something untrue in the first place).

Continue a journey and make A discovery, even if you're not sure it's there. If it's there you can tell everyone for sure it's actually there... And if it's not there, you can tell everyone for sure it's not there, and that's something you discovered, a piece of knowledge you contributed to the human compendium.

Speaking of pieces of knowledge, no matter how small or big, there's a place you can contribute it for multiple reasons, to add the the human compendium of knowledge, to make a little money, or both. That place is Qassia. At this date, it's rather new, so people are still learning how to use it. Don't get discouraged if people grade your knowledge badly, right now, they're not really sure how they should be grading. Even though there's some quirks to work out, getting a head start on this can be beneficial.


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