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Do Cold Teeth Break: Thoughts
Do Cold Teeth Break

By: David Rader II on November 23, 2007 @ 1:51 PM

When the weather changes from cold to hot roads crack and even stone splits. Are our teeth unaffected by temperature change? What about rapid temperature change, even steel is affected by that.

When we drink hot cocoa then go out into freezing cold weather, does that have an affect on our teeth? I hadn't met anyone else who thought about that until I met my friend Frank, when I worked at Comcast... On break after having a cup of hot noodles then going outside in the freezing cold, we got to talking about that. A few years before, I had thought how eating food that burns our mouth, then drinking a glass of ice water, and does that rapid temperature change affect our teeth?

It seems logical to assume that temperature change, especially rapid temperature change does affect our teeth, and most likely not in a good way. Most likely, in a way that puts hair-line fractures in our teeth, makes them brittle, more prone to decay, and thus more likely fall out sooner.

Some of this may be avoidable by drinking in a way that does not let liquid run through our teeth as much as possible, or breathing through our nose to ensure cold or hot air doesn't pass over our teeth.


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