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Drugs Among Us: Thoughts
Drugs Among Us

By: David Rader II on May 11, 2008 @ 2:37 AM

It's occurred to me the interesting of actions certain peoples are promoting in certain countries.

First I'll prime you with reality:
- Wherever you go, they have coffee. Why do you think that is? They even have it at work places. Is it simply to spend money on making you happy?

- Nearly our entire country is caffeinated, drinking coffee, soda pops, teas, taking energy pills and drinks.

Now I'll provide you with theory:
- It's theorized and practiced in the United States (and other countries) that caffeinating employees increases productivity, so providing coffee for them in turn increases business productivity.

Data on caffeine:
- Miscarage increase
- Anxiety and Fatigue
- Heart Arrhythmia
- Potential Cancerous Effects and Calcium Imbalance
- More possible problems

And the question:
- Why do many governments have such a leniency towards caffeine promotion? Does it to subscribe to the theory modern workplaces do who provide coffee and teas to employees?

Some claim that the reason for having coffee and drinks at employee stations is to save them time for the company from having to go to a further destination to get their drinks... Even if this is so... Does it not seem a part of trickery to not tell employees while they're really being served? I've worked at one place who let people know why the coffee was there... Most other people I've spoken to have had no idea why they got free coffee... Assuming that their company just wants to please them.


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