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Exploration is a must: Thoughts
Exploration is a must

By: David Rader II on July 04, 2007 @ 5:12 AM

The one thing everything (including everyone) can take part in.

I do not know the limitations of the power of thought, and this entices me to explore. Perhaps exploration is my morality, and perhaps I do not need other morals.

Exploration and the desire for all things to have exploration. In that itself could be an exploration (of how things will work out if all things were permitted the most time to experience exploration.

That is love.
I hope to God [to all (things in existance and not)] and pray that this is love.
I hope to God (all) and pray that this is love.

Note: All as in all things in existance.

Perhaps we do know the future, but perhaps we don't.

All religions inherintly promote to be "we" and not "I," perhaps that is the universe pulling us together.

Then perhaps the're may be religion that prmotes, "I" and not "we."

We are seperate, but together VERSUS I am together, but seperate..

Perhaps there are three parts to life. The we, the I, and the none.

None can not exist, so it bursts life.
The I is not together, so it must fall apart.
The we are always here, so we must never fear.

We are seperate, but together verse I am together, but seperate..

Interesting note: A verse is a phrase.
I believe I know no person who wishes not to explore, even in choosing not to actively explore, they're choosing to explore the circumstances of not exploring.


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