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Guiding Principals: Thoughts
Guiding Principals

By: David Rader II on February 03, 2008 @ 10:30 PM

It has come to me that all principals can be derived from one of two basic principals by which a human being may stand for. One, that life (existence) is good and two, that life is bad. From these two things we can derive all other principals.

For example: If one believes life is good, then they would want to live themselves, they would want others to live, and their duty in life would be to secure and produce life.

Morality has been a problem for many people. Deciding what is right or wrong. Even in religious faiths the line can be somewhat hard to find as to needing guidance for certain situations. If one were in one of those situations, one can look at their "guiding principal" to see if the action their doing helps secure and promote their guiding principal, what they stand for.

The obvious choice for human beings to choose as far as which basic principal to be their guiding principal, is life, otherwise they would in essence, be denying their own existence.

Inspired by a post on not working which I feel agreement with.

I hope I've written this right. I sometimes have difficulty having a conversation and writing at the same time, which I was doing while writing this. Please add your input.

Something I try to remember to tell people if they're feeling worthless... Is to donate their time to a local church, monetary, or monks life and they'll see their life has much worth...

It is also worthy to note that non-existence should likely be respected by those who prefer existence, otherwise, existence would not exist... What is day without dark? So dark must be loved too.


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