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Honey Bees decreasing A Possible Cause: Thoughts
Honey Bees decreasing A Possible Cause

By: David Rader II on July 20, 2007 @ 4:11 AM

I was thinking, what could possibly be causing the decrease in Honey Bee populations. One thing I've heard a few times is parasites being transmitted from one be to another. Though I could be wrong, it doesn't seem like there's that many interactions between honey bee hives, so how could the parasites be spread to much?

Possibly the increase of insects in general could create the decrease of other insects, due to higher population of carriers of disease. (For example, an insect, such as an ant, could be carrying a parasite and walk into a flower which a bee then goes in, and the parasite may be transmitted. Whereif the ant population was down, it would be less likely that the parasite would have been carried to the flower.)

Also, with an increase in other insects, would increase the number of predatory carnivorous insects. Whereif, for example, lets say Honey Bee's made up 20% of the flying insect population and flies made up 80% of the population, then the number of flies doubled and the bee population stayed the same, the number of spiders who eat flying insects would increase, but because the bee population didn't increase the same as the flies, the bee population would be affected more dramatically by the spiders. Also, that fly population may be carrying parasites or disease which may harm other insects.

I have seen an increase in Praying Mantis this year, which also suggests that insect population overall has risen, because Praying Mantis eat other insects, carnivorous. Where there is more food, the eaters of food go more.

You may be interested in an article of Bugs and Insects population increasing in Maryland. After speaking to people from at least other states among the United States, I assume the population of insects in general is increasing in other areas as well. I've also posted an article recently of a video of a bumble bee on a sunflower, that was taken around the same time this article was written.


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