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Humane Direction: Thoughts
Humane Direction

By: David Rader II on November 12, 2007 @ 10:33 PM

For the first time in history, one can say what humanity is doing as a whole. We are more connected with more information than ever before.

In a nutshell, a spiritual awakening has come upon humanity. With so many "end of days" supposed to be happening, people have come to question themselves and what they believe. Much more of humanity has now an open mind and is ready to learn, perhaps now more than ever. I think now is the time to come together under peaceful means.

Please be careful of what you accept as truth though, including from me. I feel confident saying I don't always know the truth, but I am unfortunately confident also that there may be people who try to take advantage of inquisitive minds... It's likely that it will often happen without ill intentions, but perhaps with unforeseen ill outcomes. Question everything before, during, and after accepting.

Not questioning things is what leads followers of Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam to follow orders from some high ranking teachers without questioning "Why do we accept forgiveness, but not give it."

I believe followers of most religions would ask for forgiveness from God if God himself spoke to the person and told them they were wrong. This is something most followers have in common of most religions. How can one be blamed for not knowing the truth. God directly, physically, and provably speaks to very few people, but most would accept his words. If someone doesn't convert from one religion to another without God himself telling them, why should they abandon what they believe to be God? To abandon their God without reason from what they know to be God would be heartless, and to force someone to do so or convince them by means of threatening the health of themselves, their loved ones, or even what they believe to be right would make them lost.

I believe most followers of religions who fight for God and die in battle wonder why God made it happen, on all sides. If God was truly on either side of this killing, then one side surely would not have any dead. So it seems safe to assume God is on neither side of the killing in wars, it is only man who allows it. If one would ask me "why do you think God would let this happen?" I would say, "I believe God has been said throughout many religions to give man free will."

I hope and pray this helps. Do not just live and let live, live and help live. Fate, the universe, God, or whatever you believe is the reason we are here: has not only given us life, but the opportunity to nurture it, and spread it.

I am sometimes, but hopefully not often wrong... I hope my writing this was over all, the right thing to do.


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