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Law is Not Perfect: Thoughts
Law is Not Perfect

By: David Rader II on December 31, 2007 @ 11:14 PM

The law is an attempt at establishing what's commonly perceived as right. Laws themselves is not always right. That is why the law is an "attempt," that is why we can appeal case settlements, because the law is not always right, and human intervention must be there to ensure that. However, with automating traffic ticket distribution, taking away an officers personal judgment, it is making it harder for human intervention to be possible. It's becoming ridiculous.

When someone has a dispute about going through a light, because there was a tractor trailer (18 wheeler) which was speeding and about to kill them if they stopped, they must still waste their time, waste their gas, waste their work, and waste others time to dispute and obvious case of the law being wrong. It IS ok to go through a red light sometimes. You don't indirectly though intentionally commit suicide, murder, or manslaughter to protect the law. By saving one law you will be breaking another. You must make your own judgments as well. The law gives guidelines. Why would someone who makes minimum wage even attempt to battle such a case? Personal pride? It's definitely not worth the money, because the risk is too high that the judge may not believe, then you're out the money for the fine for going through the light, the gas for going down there, and the time for spending on the dispute.

Automating traffic tickets are probably a bad idea, although it may help to automate traffic tickets in some cases, it would probably help a lot more to instill a sense of societal taboo against going through red lights. People generally like to please people, giving them fear of financial and thus possible eventual physical harm isn't the right way to teach them. For law to really work well, people need a sense of duty for society, or at least a very good sense of understanding for the purpose of that law, not a sense of fear and no correct idea of why the law exists, then it becomes following it "just because someone somewhere said so at sometime," it loses its value that way. People slam on their breaks at yellow traffic lights now. I would be surprised if the number of rear-end collisions for cars hasn't gone up at traffic light camera locations.

Law, at least basic law should be taught in grade school (public schools)... So should the concept of religion in my opinion... Not to persuade, but to teach students of "beliefs" that exist, while not saying either one is true or not, leaving that completely up to the parents. I don't know of any religion that considers "learning" of another religion a sin, although they may consider "believing" any other religion to be a sin. It's difficult to understand people if you don't understand what they believe, and it's difficult for people to get along for their whole lives if young they're indirectly taught not to listen or try to understand other people.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, not law nor fact. Always consult a lawyer. I honestly hope though, you don't think first to call your lawyer for judgment if you're about to be run over by a tractor trailer. It's self defense, even if the thing about to break the law IS the law.


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