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Lip Sore Treatment: Thoughts
Lip Sore Treatment

By: David Rader II on December 18, 2007 @ 8:06 AM

I had two lip sores (inside my lower lip) over the past few days. I believe they both got there because I accidentally bit my lip.

So how did I treat them?

For 24 hours I...
1. Stopped drinking coffee
2. Stopped drinking high sugar drinks (juice / soda)
3. Drank only water
4. Didn't change eating habits

After 24 hours, I had noticed most of the pain went away and it felt like it was healing, but rather slowly still. The next thing I did drastically improved my lip sores within a short period of time.

1. Still drinking water
2. Ate roasted salted soy nuts (by "fresh finds")

Although they tasted like the salt had been washed off of them, I still liked them. About 15 minutes later I thought to check my sores and they were all but gone to my amazement.

Did the soy nuts finish the treatment for my lip sores? Honestly, I'm not sure. This is because on a subconscious level I was thinking about how the texture of these soy nuts felt the same as something looked in a movie called Gladiator, where a man chewed on something then put it in another mans wound to aide in healing. So it's possibly my subconscious did most of the work because I had subconsciously associated a powerful (natural) healing property to the nut, in fact, subconscious help is always likely even if unnoticed.

How did I come up with the original strategy for treatment? I had paid careful attention to what I had eaten and drank and how it effected my sores. When I drank soda and juice, it seemed to inflame it and widen it, when I drank coffee, it seemed to make it mushy and make it flimsy and weak, so I assumed from observation that both of those things prolonged the activity of the sore. I also observed that the different food seemed to effect my sore very little, even hot sauce from Taco Bell didn't widen the sore more than soft drinks, but it did make it hurt more.

Disclaimer + Rant on Subconscious
As always, if you have a problem, you should always consult a doctor, because I'm not a doctor. I just happen to continually make observations with hopes of advancing medical theories by reporting my observations to the public, hoping my studies will help someone else as well. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another, for example, you may be affected negatively if you have allergies or believe you have allergies to nuts and you chew on soy nuts for your lip. The subconscious is deceptively powerful, because it is given such little attention in comparison to its power. It is like another sense we can tap into, yet in school we learn of the inside of our brain before we learn the inside of our mind. I think people are afraid to tap into their subconscious and quite frankly, I don't blame them for being afraid, but I don't think that's a good enough reason to ignore it. I believe our subconscious is the number one reason we do not draw a perfect circle every time we try, it is the reason the dart does not hit the bulls eye every time we throw it, it is our thoughts that we don't realize we're thinking, it is our doubts which are not admitted.

I am not the only one who analyzes himself publicly with hopes of betterment of mankind, for instance, who has taken over 30 years worth of pictures of his meals for informational purposes regarding health.


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