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Name Generation X: Thoughts
Name Generation X

By: David Rader II on November 30, 2007 @ 6:06 AM

Voting Closed
I Generation is the winner! See voting results below.

According to the article on Wikipedia, Generation X is a term which was "originally coined as a pejorative label." X is also a common way to refer to something that is unnamed as well (or as called in Wikipedia, a ).

There's a debate going on in naming Generation Y, so right now, with it's name as an unstable placeholder, it's the current "Generation X," so to speak. We can help stabilize the name for the generation of this time though (those born between (1976-81) (1995-2001))

Voting Results
Option Votes
Generation Y 6
Generation WHY 6
Generation Next 1
Nexers 1
Millenniums 0
Digital Generation 3
Echo Boomers 2
Boomlets 0
I Generation 9
Indigo Generation 0
Net Generation 7
Netizens 1
Gaming Generation 4
The Thumb Generation 0
Generation Me 7

While adding to the stability of the name for this generation, we will also be helping determine the name most are familiar with, so that when referring to this generation, we can choose the name most recognized name to best ensure understanding.

Thank you!


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