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Quitting the Smoking Addiction: Thoughts
Quitting the Smoking Addiction

By: David Rader II on February 12, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

Experts now say quitting tobacco is as hard as a heroine addict quitting heroin. The line gets finer and finer as to what addictions are harder than others to fight. In my opinion, this is because quitting anything is the same as quitting anything else.

Many people do not like change, they don't expect change, and when change happens they don't know what to expect. Well, change is going to happen. When you quit anything, you're going to feel different. You're probably not going to like it because different feels uncomfortable almost always, whether that is a good different or a bad different.

Take for example someone who looks very abnormal. If you have any heart at all and are older than 14 (guesstimate), you've spoken to someone for a prolonged time who's very different from you. If you're honest with yourself, most likely when you met that person you were uncomfortable with them. However, with time you realized that person was actually very nice. Whenever anything is different, we have to witness that difference with the passage of time to know whether it is good or not.

So when you quit smoking, be prepared to be uncomfortable. Things are changing, it's normal to feel uncomfortable. It's not bad at all to feel uncomfortable, it's actually good and very healthy to have that natural sensation. If all of the street lights added an extra light, purple to the street lights, you should feel uncomfortable with that something new until you get used to the reason it's there. The biggest difference is the government will tell you why there's a purple light on the street lights now, but when you quit smoking, there's a hundred billion things people will tell you to expect and it would take you many lifetimes over to read and hear all of those things to be prepared for.

The number one thing to expect is difference. You will notice something difference, it will seem out of place, and you will experience change. The good thing however, is that you know in advance this change is good. You just have to wait the time to experience it yourself.


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