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The Beginning Of The Universe: Thoughts
The Beginning Of The Universe

By: David Rader II on December 06, 2007 @ 8:27 PM

Here I will attempt to explain the beginning of the universe to you. I will start by providing the basis of my reasoning. Then I will describe the reason this theory is necessary to science. Lastly, I will give you my theory and conclusion.

When we observe nature, we will notice a trend things follow in their lives. Things come from something smaller. A man comes from a child, from a boy, from an infant, from an egg, until the point where it doesn't exist. An apple tree comes from a seedling, from a seed, from an apple, and before that apple, the seed did not exist. All things observable follow a basic trend that they come from something smaller, until the point they don't exist.

Right now, the currently accepted theory for the beginning of the universe does not go so far into the past. The theory that has mass appeal right now is the "big bang" theory, where there was a giant ball of mass that exploded and turned into the universe. This theory is mostly sound, except for one major problem, it doesn't answer the question "where did that giant ball of mass come from?" We need an answer. It's against scientific principal to retire the search for truth to the simple thought "it just appeared."

Because it can be observed that a general trend in the universe is that things are born from nothingness, it seems safe to assume that the universe likely followed that same trend. As the "circle of life" does not only apply to a fly, it also applies to the life of a galaxy, and so forth it would seem as if it applies to the universe in the same way, even if it were not directly observable. When there is life it dies and becomes nothingness, but because true nothingness can not withstand itself, life is reborn.
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