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The Flow: Thoughts
The Flow

By: David Rader II on July 15, 2008 @ 8:48 AM

Around 6 years ago I noticed something strange that no one had ever told me about before. I noticed a natural rhythm in life that seemed to direct the way in which things move so much that everything seemed to be flowing together. I studied it and wrote about it so much that I eventually came up with the term "the flow" to make the subject I was thinking and writing about easily referable.

I realized it was practiced out by everyone and everything. At first I thought it was only practiced on a subconscious level by adults and young adults. People naturally walk, make gestures, and talk in accordance with the sounds around them, not just music.

I was astounded when I unexpectedly saw that it wasn't just older humans. I was at a friends house who were playing music on a stereo while a baby was running around. To my amazement the baby walked and even fell in accordance with sounds around it. I watched everyone, even the dog who walked by once or twice, noticing that even the dog entered the room and exited in accordance to the sounds around it.

It's most easy to see when there is music on, even when people aren't dancing. You can even watch a dog on a hot summer day panting to a beat of the music.

As I said before though, it's not just music- at least not in the traditional sense. It's sounds in general. When the wind "makes its music" things within its bounds follow its rhythm.

It's shocking when this occurrence is first noticed, because it's something that's been around us our entire lives, yet we've never noticed and no one's ever told us about it.

Even when we do noticed the flow, it's not something that's ordinarily tangible, so it's hard to grasp, both physically and metaphorically.

What reminded me of the flow was a video I saw on myspace, with a dog that appears to be tapping its foot intentionally to the beat of the music. With people, even habits such as shaking a foot or biting a lip go with the surrounding sounds and if you bring to their attention that they're doing it to the beat of the music at this time in history, most of them will say they didn't know or deny doing it.

Here's the video. Have you ever witnessed the flow?


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