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The Round Tangled: Thoughts
The Round Tangled

By: David Rader II on March 04, 2008 @ 4:59 PM

A waiter walks into a desert where men and women are sitting at a large, round, gold trimmed, plastic table and asks the guests, "is the world ready for a dish?"

*The Mexican man named Joe Doe orders cheese and wine in the French language, forgetting he was at an English table.*

*Pablo Gonzales, who happens to be a Christian man from India wearing a Vietnamese farmers hat (as many consider a Chinese hat) orders rice and says "thanks mon."*

*A French guy orders the spiciest Mexican food there is with an Indian accent, wearing a truckers baseball cap that says 'Along for the ride' on it.*

*Jakeesha Gray says "get me some fried chicken yo" while brushing her naturally blond hair.*

*David Rader, the only black lawyer for orange juice companies, not to the mention the heaviest woman in the belt section, orders a salad with no dressing.*

*The African lady, Mrs. Butch said she would like "the richest thing you have" and that she doesn't want anything to get on her Miss Universe cloth that currently passes her feet due to being less than three feet tall.*

*The last guy (wearing the Yamaha) says "can you spare some bread for the children?"*

In a world where stating statistical information is considered negatively racist, whether true or not, perhaps a pun must be thrown for sense to be known.

All stereotypes are not true, some stereotypes are, whether chosen to be perceived as good, bad, or not.

The stereo doesn't stop playing just because someone's not listening. I think the problem arises when people only listen to one station.

Denying the truth can seem a bit silly sometimes. Don't you think?

#1 The Poet April 01, 2008 @ 1:11 AM
The problem is...most people only listen in monotone...:)

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