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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Scam: Thoughts
Virgin Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Scam

By: David Rader II on July 12, 2011 @ 10:16 PM

Virgin Mobile actually replied to me on Twitter, I just happened to check on there which I rarely do, because I'm rarely mentioned. Anyway, they told me to email vmusocialcare [at] sprint (dot) com to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, I've already given out the number to too many people to worry about "did I give that person the right number in case of emergency?" I really shouldn't have automatically been assigned to me in the first place, I'm sure a simple sorting algorithm can be written to greatly reduce this- I'm a programmer. I personally don't feel this is accidentally overlooked.

Though my issue continues, I am impressed Virgin Mobile replied directly to me regarding this issue. For anyone else who gets one of these prepaid phones, I suggest waiting a few days to see if you get a bunch of calls for someone else before you give out the number. If you do, shoot them an email at vmusocialcare [at] sprint (dot) com or your mobile provider on Twitter or other communication method (phone, website).

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Virgin Mobile is scamming me. I know that's a big accusation for a little guy to make against a big company, but what the hell, my names David (Christian reference).

So here's how they're scamming me and probably many others:

Sob Story:
After 5+ years of not having a cell phone, I bought a prepaid LG phone through Virgin Mobile phone for $9.99. Good deal right? I thought so too. I figured I'd put $30.00 since they told me the minutes roll over at Radio Shack. After I paid for it, Radio Shack told me "yeah, the minutes roll over, but you still have to put $10.00 on it every month or the phone will deactivate." The receipt says $20 every 2 months, but that's all another story.

They issued me a phone number that must have JUST recently been released from another customer. This should be illegal. When I first got the phone as most pre-paid buyers get it for, I got it for EMERGENCY USE ONLY, so here I am accepting calls for other people because I'm afraid it's a real emergency. Shame on VIRGIN MOBILE FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. I highly doubt they could be so incredibly stupid to miss that huge oversight, so I assume it is intentional. In fact, negligence of this type is a crime in itself I'm pretty sure. Imagine you accept a phone call thinking its an emergency because your wife is pregnant, but it turns out to someone trying to get a booty call on for the last number owner, then your wife actually calls but you can't answer it because Virgin Mobile intentionally allowed you waste your phone minutes

I just can't believe ignorance of this magnitude goes unrecognized in the corporate world (there are actually a lot of pre-paid users out there wasting minutes right now on people who didn't mean to call them). Minutes when paid for this way are expensive and there's no mistaking- phone companies know it.

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#1 Timmy July 16, 2011 @ 1:38 AM
Cricket?? Be bad to if you missed that long awaited call from your bro saying he left his girl to persue other joys in life...

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