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We Become Things in an Instant: Thoughts
We Become Things in an Instant

By: David Rader II on July 05, 2007 @ 10:56 PM

When people become things, they often become them in an instant. If I were to quit smoking now, I would be a non-smoker as of that instant. If a liar were to lie now, they would be a liar in that same instant. If a liar were to tell the truth now, they would be a truth teller. I'm not sure if that would make them honest or not, is honest a word for one who has never lied, or one who does not lie, or both?

At least, as we become things for the first time, we usually instantly become our external perception of those things, then will incorporate our internal perception of those things. If we can learn to look at things from an internal point of view (some one elses), we will have a better image of what we will be if we become that, and will be able to better understand ourselves, and others.

So what thing that we do not believe is bad, that we like, should we instantly become?

I believe an understanding of how we become things, can help us better become them or avoid staying them.


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