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Mouse for the Sight-impared: Thoughts
Mouse for the Sight-impared

By: David Rader II on April 11, 2011 @ 11:29 PM

I've been entertaining the idea for years to help blind people see better. I've thrown the ideas around to people before to see if someone would sponsor me to start the project I have in mind, but to no avail. So, here I am, spilling the idea to you and the world!

To sum up the idea, when people move their mouse, depending where their mouse is (and what the pointer is on), different sounds will be made. Internal mechanics could also be utilized to allow touch sensory involvement too, though mechanics tend to make products too expensive sometimes, so it's not nearly as important (at first).

Technically speaking, the way the software will be effective is through very well thought, strategic and rigid usage of sound to effectively communicate contents of a computer display and pointer location well enough to make a monitor optional- not a necessity.

The sound usage must be very well thought, because there is a limited range of sound people can hear. Primary sounds (short sounds at well-received frequencies) should be reserved for the most primary functions... Of course sounds would eventually need to be customizable (e.g. "trainable"). Some well-received short sounds should be reserved for "markers" to designate further meaning... E.g. "Beep at 2000hz for 15 nanoseconds prepares user for further input."

The sound usage must be strategic to ensure maximum differentiation between sound meanings. E.g. Close Window X should probably sound significantly than Start Menu.

The sound usage must be RIGID for primary purposes to eliminate misinterpretations of primary functions. E.g. Close window, minimize window, left end of window (reached), right end of window, toolbar, etc.

I've been thinking about this for at least a couple years, so I could write a couple hours worth of reading for you I'm sure. Really though, this should be enough for anyone to go on. I just beg that if you take this idea and run with it, make it well thought out. The last thing we need is some confusing piece of "almost" software. I also wouldn't mind some credit if these publicly provided words were helpful to you at all. I'm trying to build my reputation here so I can get some funding for other projects too, though this one is one of the most philanthropic so I figured if I were to give one out for free, this should probably be the one. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a copy of the software too. I'm not blind, but I would like to enhance my ability to interact with the PC. Human ears are a wasted too much on just gossip and truth spinners these days. I'll provide any help that I can for free if you want to work on this project. Good luck and god bless!

PS. I think it would involve a great deal more work to accomplish, but this could be made probably a hundred times more useful by programming it into storage built into a mouse... That way the software and settings could be taken anywhere, and possibly no installation needed.


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