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Know Thy Enemy as Thyself: Thoughts
Know Thy Enemy as Thyself

By: David Rader II on September 24, 2008 @ 6:28 AM

To know our enemies, we must be seekers of truth. We must seek purity and understanding in ourselves so the things we see become that much more clear.

For the enemies to know us least, we must be distorters of truth, also known as deceivers. The better we know truth, the better we can distort it. This will make the enemy think you are attacking when you are not, you are leaving when you are waiting, you are giving up while you are formulating a plan, etc.

In a face to face confrontation and no way out, he who sees truth best will likely have the upper hand. When both opponents see equal truth, then it comes down only to will power or ability, while deceit holds no place.

In my experience, it is very unlikely that two opponents see equal truth. Do not make excuses why you can't do something, continue to find reasons why you will succeed next time and along this process you will see that more things are possibly from yourself than you previously thought.

#1 Myself JSR October 25, 2008 @ 4:50 AM
Excellent.I was trying to locate words to define "know thy enemy as thy self" ..... a non agressive approach....'enemy' is all too often used as a focus on 'to harm', 'to kill'.....it is strategising, comprehending, analyzing, studying......hence; mirrors the gain.
Thank you!

#2 Hexed October 25, 2008 @ 3:11 PM
No problem. I'm glad you liked this. Do you mind if I ask why you were trying to find a non aggressive approach for this phrase?

(I know you may never get this message since I haven't set it up to email responses yet, but just in case...) Another way of saying this without implying enemy at all is simply "know thyself," because if you know yourself, you ultimately gain a better understanding of others, since we're all basically the same. Another phrase is "know others as yourself."

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