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MoveOn.org Ignores Important Information: Thoughts
MoveOn.org Ignores Important Information

By: David Rader II on August 07, 2008 @ 3:43 AM

MoveOn.org is a worthless propaganda tool in the light of truth. Of course in the light darkness of disinformation, they're worth quite a penny as a propaganda machine I suppose.

I'm not a Republican as it may seem, I've just noticed how they, as well as extremist republicans indulge on exaggerating things to incite so much passion by their followers. What incited the idea of this article is a video on CNN about "The Way The World Works," a book by pulitzer prize winning reporter Ron Suskind.

I sent a test message to MoveOn regarding Lindsey Williams for them to figure out the validity of his claims (of having plenty of oil- no need for extra drilling). Since I don't have the financial resources to dedicate the time to research, I had hoped they, with such an important statement on a video that has had millions of views and the financial backing to research such a video, would have done the research for the public good, not just completely ignore it.

It's been approximately a week since I sent MoveOn that message and I've had no response personally, nor found a public statement from them.

While it is of course important to spend resources getting people into office who will bring about good things, it's also important to not let the resources we already have go to waste. Unfortunately, I can't buy the book "The Energy Non-Crisis" that Lindsey Williams wrote which the previously link video's speech is on, because it's just too damned expensive for me.

I'm going to do some research myself to try to figure out why new prints of the book aren't available. If it's true, getting making new prints available is the right thing to do.

In the mean time, whether you're republican, democrat, or even other party, you should ask yourself and your representatives why they're not mentioning this. Do they not care? Do they think he's a fluke? Or do they simply just not know about it?

I know MoveOn knows about this now, unless they just ignore messages from their readers, which now that I think about it is probably highly likely, considering they probably only want information to promote their own political ideals and not truth- which is why most political parties only promote people of their own party, because they have personal goals other than truth. What is the likely hood that nearly republican or democrat is as devilish as their opposite political groups project them to be?

I subscribe to emails from many different political organizations and quite frankly, I can barely stand to read any of them due to the absurd frequency of equally absurd contradictions. If you've ever heard two statements on the news from two different parties, you know how absurdly they often contradict each other. It's almost as if they're intentionally trying to contradict each other. That unfortunately gives credibility to a theory that the divide and conquer strategy to rule a public is currently being exercised. Hopefully that's not happening.


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