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Running Out of Oil: Thoughts
Running Out of Oil

By: David Rader II on August 01, 2008 @ 2:17 PM

We're not running out of oil, baptist Minister Lindsay says. We have plenty of oil he says, and we're being lied to. But just who is Minister Lindsey? I found very little information on him, so I'm leaving it up to a public service group.

I sent a message to MoveOn.org (an obviously far direction of whatever wing they're on democratic group) with these words:

"Have you all ever viewed this video? I just got an email from you saying drilling for more oil wont help... What if we've already found that oil, so we don't need to drill more anyway?

I suppose some ordained Baptist ministers may lie to their pupils, but you MoveOn.org fellows are the ones with the power, maybe you can find out if this guy is a bastard liar or a simple missionary trying to shed light on truth?


I don't think the minister is a bastard, I just chose those words to get an honest reaction out of MoveOn. That video is 75 minutes long, so if you want to watch it and find out what Linsdey Williams says, you'll need to watch it at a computer when you've got time. In the mean time, here's a 10 minute clip from the beginning of that video to get you started. In it Lindsay Williams begins to explainin that we're not running out of oil and how he knows: he worked with the lying people.

Video file for mobile users
Once again here is the full video to watch from your PC.

The expected MoveOn responses (from most likely to least):
1. No response.
2. We'll look into it. (end of story)
3. We don't know about this (and plan to continue ignoring it)

This is a test of seeing if the MoveOn activists are actually there to help the general public, or simply belch out their own views while lying to everyone, telling they're actually there for them.

I've never met the people behind MoveOn.org, so I don't know if they're the type of people who will look into this. Hopefully they are. How or if they respond to this will let us know exactly the type of people they are. I assume they're like many other large political buffing organizations, only interested in branding their views, not caring about the big picture.

If you're got a minute, send MoveOn a message and ask them about the minister.


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