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Obama Crippling Charities?: Thoughts
Obama Crippling Charities?

By: David Rader II on August 23, 2009 @ 5:44 PM

I can't believe Obama's tax plan on the rich is to cripple how they can help those who are less fortunate (charities)...


Am I reading into the sleuth of articles about this wrongly? It seems hurting those who are the least fortunate doesn't bother those who are moderately unfortunate (that's us- the "mob," the "general population"). Obama seems to figure that making the general population excited by not doing anything for them (by not increasing or decreasing their taxes), he can swing the "little" bad things that effects the "little guys" surviving on goodhearted charity and meanwhile the "mob" will just sit back and watch because Obama's proven he's on their side. That "side" mentality is just the type of thing that keeps Americans separated within themselves.

Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? Well if you've noticed, since you've been born politicians always say they're not going to increase taxes- they usually do and they take turns. Republicans will tax the less fortunate, then democrats tax the most fortunate. Neither side lower taxes. They just take turns increasing the taxes of ALL people and keeping them on their "sides" so they're fighting amongst themselves rather than fighting for the politicians to do what they really want.

Are we going to sit here and let Obama tax "the other side?" If we let this happen, the chain will continue. Eventually Obama will be out of office from either two full terms or an outvote, then it will likely be the republicans "turn" to come in and vote for higher taxes on the less fortunate. We've got to stop them somewhere. We've got to make them stop taking turns screwing us. They think we're stupid so they need to do everything for us - Apparently, choosing what non-profit missions are important to the people, by limiting the amount of resourced going to the charities.

We rely so heavily on the governments actions which are paid by our taxes... To decrease taxes by any amount for any person is risky, but I think that we can figure out what we need to do for the most part.

The banking system is corrupt. Here's how it's corrupt...
All you need is:
1. A little money
2. Someone who wants money
3. Someone who pays back
4. A "henchman" to punish those who don't pay back

(Ironically, more tax is paid to keep those people in jail). Would you let your neighbor borrow money, then put your neighbor in jail and pay to keep him there if he doesn't pay?

The entire banking system is based on "greed," a vice with very little understanding by today's society. Greed makes the whole system corrupt. Greed is based on fear, they need more money because they fear they will be unhappy without it.

So how do we stop it? If you want to stop greed, you have to root out its root problem- fear. People must be shown the truth and there will be no convincing necessary - That they can have happiness without a cent of money. For those who have been so greedy, how to do they become charitable without being resented for their past mistakes? Forgiveness.

Without forgiveness, none of this is remotely possible. How many criminals of the soul do you think would confess the things they realize are wrong if punishment from outsiders awaits their confession? Not enough. Their own resentment towards the things they have done is punishment enough. The fruit of their persistent good labor is the proof that they've made the right choice.

I think it can be hard to find the right thing to do and probably everyone of self-awareness in this age has made wrong decisions. If we were all punished by time or bodily harm for our wrong decisions, there would probably be a lot more people in jail for life or dead than there are living and free. Even the worst of the worst need forgiveness. Once they've turned around, who's to say they may not be the best of the best, or at least good? Even the least good helps. Don't kill chances for good or hide them away.

#1 necroidian August 24, 2009 @ 6:19 AM
The Obama administration IS raising taxes on everyone. Thats what the climate change cap and trade bill will do, and thats what the new "health care" (eugenics care) will do. With both of those combined the average person, IE, you and me, will have 60-70% of our paycheck taken instead of what we have now at about 20-25%.

And our "income taxes" do NOT pay for anything the federal or state government does. Not one cent of it goes to government function. It all goes to the private run for profit criminal gang at the Federal Reserve Bank.

The super rich like Bill Gates and Ted Turner and Warren Buffet donate a LOT of money to charities, this is true. But they charities they give their money to is fueled by this religion of theirs that is rooted in eugenics. The vaccination programs in Africa for example. Lets not forget the meeting they had in April this year.

Now as for the different parties raising taxes for one group of people over the other...
Both parties are owned by the same corporate fascist elite banking families. This is all done on purpose. As you kind of elude to here. But Obama is their golden boy, he is here to usher in all their tyranny. These new "green" laws and health care will raise taxes for everyone but those who are in the loop. The super elite will continue to fund their eugenics organizations (planned parenthood and so forth).

The only real solution here is to have real investigations into who these elitist are, their organizations, and activities and then have trials to convict them, and put them away in prison. Then we can work on rebuilding the republic our founders envisioned and what the constitution demands.

And as of this weekend, Obamas approval rating is at 41%. This early into his presidency he now holds the record for lowest in history. They bigger they are, the harder they fall. Watch out, they will retaliate with a vengeance to distract the sheep the ram through their agenda.

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