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Rant on Incompetence of #USPS Can I sue? (Long): Thoughts
Rant on Incompetence of #USPS Can I sue? (Long)

By: David Rader II on February 17, 2012 @ 1:11 AM

USPS is clueless when it comes to address service changes.

They've been sending my mail to the wrong address for about 2 years now. Someone with the same last name as me, living in the same household moved out with her child and checked "family" as moving. Apparently that's all you need to do to transfer someone else's mail.

After speaking to the post office officials numerous times, they've let me know it's been taken care of. I'm sure each time they told me, they actually thought it was taken care of. I don't think anyone was intentionally misleading me or lying, but obviously, they were wrong every time. We're filled out change of addresses as requested by post office officials as if were moving from THAT address to THIS address. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time. The post office did something to change my address in all of my banks and other important contacts, yet they say they can't get it back to my real address.

My mail still goes to some guys house who claims he's never received a single piece. I know he's lying though- I stopped getting ALL of my important mail for about a month or two (and bills were late). Unfortunately, the police station said I can't go to his house and get my mail, he has to give it to me, but since I'm not allowed to look through the mail, I'm not allowed to obtain proof that he's keeping it.

So long story short, the post office says they CAN'T send my mail to the right place, the police station says I can't get it myself, yet I'm held liable by law to respond to some letters (taxes). So I'm in a catch 22 here. Besides the police department blocking me from my mail, the USPS isn't upholding its legal obligation to deliver my mail.

Both the police department and USPS offered this ridiculous solution: Find out who's not sending your mail to the right place- How do I know if I'm not receiving it? Who remembers every little place that sends them mail? I don't brush my teeth with Ginkgo Biloba I now know how identity theft victims feel. The police and USPS work against them. I feel it's not intentional, they're just incompetent and have no motivation to really get to the bottom of the problem, because there's no real risk to the institution and their jobs either directly or through the failure of their propped-up institution. I finally understand why everyone wants a government job- security, benefits & lack of responsibility.

I just don't understand why the USPS can put out some kind of signal (address service requested?) and get my address changed nationwide to the WRONG place, but they can't send out the same signal to get my address changed to the RIGHT place.

The lackadaisical attitude of many of the USPS officials and the non-emergency Baltimore county police station offends me deeply. I always start of the conversations very calm, but they just show such disinterest in my problem, blowing it off like it's no big deal. Yeah, that's because they're not the ones who will end up in jail for missing bills, taxes or other important documents. And again, what do they have to worry about? After 2 years, I'm pretty upset.

*Side note: When I called Baltimore county police non-emergency, I went through the teleprompt till I was blue trying to find this general issue. Thankfully they have a nice system in place where they give a call back after calls to make sure the problem was solved. Plus Kudo's to whoever thought of that. Minus kudos to whoever designed an irreversible USPS address change system in case someone makes a mistake.

Please excuse my poorly written rant. I'm just so upset I felt I had to express it.

I wonder if this is why I haven't gotten many Staples Rebate rewards? Oh well, police station says there's nothing that can be done about it without proof my mail is being taken and also that it is illegal to obtain that proof (well, illegal to get my own mail from someone else's house).

I think I'll call USPS tomorrow and waste a couple hours of our times again. What else can I do... Do I have to sue to get my mail? I'll have to pay for a lawyer then pay for the bills once I finally start receiving them.


Sorry for any rude language. I especially apologize for lashing out at government employees in general. I know some people really do a good job and intend to do so. There are unfortunately waves of apathetic government employees though covering my eyes with mud so I can't see you. I think apathy has a strong presence in secure government jobs. Perhaps apathy is one of the greatest threats to America as a whole though. "It's just a job," "I can't wait to get off," "I hate work"... I think American's used to be thankful for just about any job? Shoot, I thought working at Taco Bell was great, Mars Super Markets too, and even working at the car wash scrubbing down filthy cars. I'm tired and my writing looks like I'm drunk, but I'm just drunk with frustration to this Catch 22. I apologize again for wasting everyone's time, I'm obviously taking the wrong route to get my mail. The law says I have to respond to some of this mail, the post office can't deliver it to me, and the police say I can't get it for myself.

To USPS: APATHY, it's what's for USPS breakfast. If you want me to fill out ANOTHER change of address I will, because I don't know what else to do. If I have to start selling my possessions to afford a lawyer to sue USPS to get the mail you're legally obligated to give me, I will.

Here's a lesson to everyone: When you've heard someone has had a problem, your underlings have tried to solve it, you've tried to solve it, and your superiors have tried to solve it, don't leave them to figure it out on their own. YOU are the expert compared to them, YOU know the ropes of your organization better than them and if not you know at least the next level of employee to send them to. Don't tell them to keep trying the same thing they've been trying "all i can tell you is fill out another change of address and see if it works this time." Disgusting apathy. I think my favorite thing about working at Comcast was the LACK of Apathy. Even low-level employees were encouraged to help a customer from start to finish- if you can't help them, get them helped- Make sure their issue is resolved. That's US Private VS US Government climate for you. Our Government needs some clear goals that don't necessarily involve killing people. Yes, I believe in spreading "freedom," but there's no motivation for me and a lot of other people when you need to kill to bring freedom. Have a mission like "CLEAN WATER FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!" I think that love will bring tolerance, which bears freedom. Just don't forget, give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, feed him for life.

Good night brothers and sisters of the world. I'm sorry I let the apathy of a few bring me to write such a crappy article, but I just don't have time during normal business hours to talk directly with- or even find out who the "right" person to talk to "this time" is. I'm tired of skipping lunch, leaving work early and punching out mid-day to solve a problem I have no power to solve and those who have the power are too apathetic to see the problem through. Their apathy to their employers legal obligation (to deliver mail) could land me in jail by missing something important, so you may understand d my indignation with their apathy. They just act like it's no big deal.

#1 linda February 22, 2013 @ 8:48 AM
I have had a problem with the usps for 23 years almost the same problem my mail goes across town to an address similar to mine. Because my boro has no post office and we share the same zip as this other town. So anytime my regular postperson has off my mail goes to whomever they feel like giving it to. I have written to my congressman and I have had my netflix and checks to me never arrive so it means callling and more work for me to follow up. I have had to have all my bills directly taken out of my checking account so nothing is shut off. This is so wrong. It is no wonder they are losing money and I hope they end Saturday Del.they are just too big and the union does not care. Private companies need to take over this place.

#2 David March 26, 2013 @ 9:07 PM

It's hard to understand why it's illegal for any other company to deliver that type of mail. I guess when you have a government backed monopoly, no one has any motivation to resolve long standing problems that can really screw with someones life.

#3 Aimee June 14, 2013 @ 6:05 PM
I think I would of tried using a family/friends address to forward my mail to for a few weeks then change it back to your address, unless they previous tenants continue to submit a change of address then it should forward to you after few weeks. Or even try a p.o. box to transfer to til the post office gets it right then change it back to your home. If all else fails do on online search of the name get the other address YOUR MAIL is going to & submit a change of address to your address!!! =} I am also dealing with the post office and a person who is purposely sending endless amount of other peoples mil to my address & having mine sent other places, its sick joke but from the looks of it not so hard to do!

#4 Betty lahiri August 26, 2014 @ 3:42 PM
Omg. I am about to lose my family farm because a postal employee did not leave a note that I had a certified letter. There response I was a deadbeat and didn't want to pick up my letter. After much research I have found on five occasions they failed to leave notices. A doctor lost privileges at a local hospital because the post person did not leave notice even though the office was open at the time. I am beside myself. What to do

#5 Donald Brown November 21, 2014 @ 4:41 PM
I work for the United States Postal Service so I can testify to the incompetence there. Please don't use the United States Postal Service. Thank you.

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