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Be Better Tomorrow: Poems
Be Better Tomorrow

By: David Rader II on October 17, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

These tears I waste
No one sees them
I wipe them quickly
I think
What can I change?
How can I change?
Am I able?
Will my gut lead me true?
I cower
I anger
I boil
I hold back steam
I serve warm water
I cool down
Serve the rest cool
Changing little
Not changing enough
At least I'm not giving up
Regrets for not trying harder
Try again tomorrow
Be better
Be smarter
Be stronger
Be gentler
Be honest
Be humble
Don't give up
Upright the flower pot
Pick up the trash
Hold the door
Give some change
Make something

Be better today
Be better tomorrow
Time to live
And keep living
Tomorrow never dies
It needs you alive

Who else will ever witness the world like you do? No one. Your vision is not the only one, but it is unique like a star. Let it shine dim or let it shine bright, but for heavens sake let it shine as long as it might. The night is a little darker for everyone when a star stops shining.

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