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My kettle is whistling: Poems
My kettle is whistling

By: David Rader II on September 12, 2010 @ 10:26 PM

Nine eleven was a shame
There were those to take the blame
But none can bring back those lost
They are locked in our minds with the frost

So Naive was I to think we a Christian Nation
To turn the other cheek against ablation
At worst to look deep into any problem
Before action was taken solve them

I have not known what to say
Remaining too silent until this day
Now there's persecution in my land
Hatred grows towards fellow man

My fellow countrymen are creating an embarrassing page in history. I hope they can rectify their mistakes with solemn rebuttals.

All honor lost for those who have been wrong is regained entirely when they let truth change their direction, so long as they have truly let it change them. It is sometimes hard and always makes us a better person to accept truth over personal opinion.

Because one bird has pooped on your car, or even your head does not mean that all birds will do so.

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