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What Worth Has Heaven Brought?: Poems
What Worth Has Heaven Brought?

By: David Rader II on November 22, 2009 @ 4:13 AM

What Worth Has Heaven Brought?

If I am to spend an eternity in peace,
What worth has that?

If I am to spend an eternity with all material desires,
What worth has that?

If I am to spend an eternity surrounded by supreme love,
What worth has that?

Those very great things I could have in the afterlife would themselves create my hell.

For if I could not even give up all of my heavenly rewards to fix a single mistake I left to echo in the physical world, what worth hath any reward in the afterlife when I must only watch the negative effects of my actions or inaction?

If I am to have everlasting life in the next life and all chances for happiness except that one which would save heartache in the physical world, what worth hath the afterlife other than self-indulgence?

No mistake in the mortal life can be made right from the after life it seems, less there would be bountiful communication with those past to steer us towards what is right!

If I can only watch the mortals deal with their lives from the other side, then what worth am I beyond what I have done in my mortal life?

I must do what I can to do what is right. With moral dilemmas so teeming, is it even justified to choose a moral to break?

Must I test some morals by breaking them? I have heard that the best thing a good man can do is nothing... But it does not ring true to me. I am afraid that my actions will be too much, but I am more afraid my inaction will be too little.


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