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Turn The Other Cheek: Poems
Turn The Other Cheek

By: David Rader II on April 08, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

He said
Turn the other cheek
So I turned my other cheek
And I kept turning it
Until my eyes were so bruised
I couldn't see anymore
From there I acted on faith alone
I started swinging

~ This exact situation did not happen, but this is how I've felt on numerous occasions while trying to take the high road. If justified, will righteousness guide my blinded strikes? ~

~ I love Jesus and I don't think he would ever tell me to fight. I've asked God, but he does not speak to me so plainly in a way I always understand or am humble enough to accept. So for now, I must assume that my morals are right that it is never right to fight. My self-doubt, fear and lack of guidance will not let my morals control me entirely though. There is fight in me and sometimes I must let it out. I try to direct it towards something constructive. I grit my teeth. I pray for direction. ~


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