Sleepless Night

By: David Rader II on December 27, 2011 @ 2:16 AM

Why, when I know I have nearly become death from lack of sleep, do I remain awake?! What am I searching for?! Will something save me from the wretched necessity of sleep?! A discovery perhaps?! A new thought?! A chemical reaction? A divine message? Don't I dream too much already when I am awake?! Is it not enough? I must force myself asleep as it seems even when entirely exhausted! My eyes are so heavy, my body aches and my head has paralyzing pains I force myself to confront. With vision lost I know I will fall to the ground if I don't go there on my own accord. If I don't go to the ground on my own I may not be able to get up on my own. I must sleep, lest I be carried away from the ground to the ground.

My inspirations keep me awake and there is no regret in that from the ground to the ground. I am going to sleep now away from the place I love to the place I like to awake again where I love.


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