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Worlds Together - #TheDress: Poems
Worlds Together - #TheDress

By: David Rader II on February 27, 2015 @ 7:07 PM

Worlds Together

Hypocrisy abounds, that is - liars who do not know it.

Women should be able to dress how they want.

Men should not feel the need to sexualize a woman. Vise versa.

The way a person dresses does effect how the world sees them.

Women do not "dress to be raped."

Women often dress for attention.

The world dresses for attention.

The world dresses to be seen as they would like to be believed.

Dress naked. There are no lies there.

Suits and ties disgust me. I wear them to show you my skills in etiquette & business.

I am empty.

I am made naked by this writing.

I am clothed, for the natural state is illegal in nearly all "civilized" worlds.

To denounce our humanity is to be civilized in this time.

In the Holy Books there are Adam and Eve who are created pure and naked. With Sin comes their clothing, their conceitedness.

But sometimes, people need clothing to stay warm. Sometimes people need clothing to protect their bodies - it is indeed functional for safety.

We should not need safety dress from each other, however. We should not dress to steal the attention of others for conceited purpose. What is conceited purpose? That which benefits least.

We should embrace and uplift our humanity. Do not dress to steal sexual attention. Control yourself if your sexual attention is grabbed. Be at peace.

Be at peace.


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